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Rising Star Pranjal Dahiya Height, Age, Lifestyle and Career Highlights

The hot and happening singer presently trending in the entertainment industry of India, especially Haryanvi songs is Pranjal Dahiya. Again, she has amazing looks, and her dances have filled most of her fans to the brim. Find out all that can be known of this young rising star like Pranjal Dahiya age and height, early life, career, etc. 

Early Life and Career

Born and raised in Haryana, India, the life of Pranjal Dahiya is quite far from the stereotypical singer’s bio. Ever since she was young, she had a strong desire to become a dancer and an actress, which acted as the ticket into the entertainment world. Initially, she began her career as a model, then she entered the world of Haryanvi songs, where people liked her energy and talent. 

Age and Personal Life

Pranjal Dahiya was born on 5th May 2001, so up until the present time, she is 23 years old. So, speaking about the given activity and time, this young lady has already created her position in the highly competitive sphere. Due to her strict policy of maintaining privacy in her own life, she has always been quite enshrouded.

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Physical Appearance

Little factors such as the physical appearance of Pranjal Dahiya like the height of Pranjal Dahiya are some of the reasons that make her famous among the supplementors. Many fans of the model remain eagerly interested in her statistics, including Pranjal Dahiya height. The height of Pranjal Dahiya in feet is about 5 feet 6 inches only. This makes her unique as can be seen when coupled with excellent presentations whenever she is on the stage. Thus, fans of Pranjal Dahiya are most interested in her slender figure and Pranjal Dahiya weight height. She weighs approximately 55kg. Pranjal Dahiya Height and Weight complement each other very beautifully. 

Career Highlights

Pranjal Dahiya has unfortunately not been in many hit Haryanvi songs but she has fetched millions of views on the songs she is in, especially those uploaded on YouTube. Her common songs include ‘Tokk’, ‘DP’ and ‘Jutti Kali’. Her actions in dancing are truly spectacular and due to that she keeps on with the new projects in her acting career exploring her new jurisdiction in the provided industry.

pranjal dahiya age and height

Future Prospects

Looking at the current performance of Pranjal Dahiya it can be said that she is destined for a great future. She does not own Universal Haryanvi Music Company, but she wants to expand her career to other types of entertainment and perhaps work in Bollywood. This implies that in the next few years, she will rise to other higher levels which are in line with her preceding performances and the increasing number of fans.


Pranjal Dahiya is an extraordinary talent who has seen tremendous growth in a short period. Pranjal Dahiya Weight and Height issues are usually of focus by her fans, with Pranjal Dahiya height in feet measuring a common subject. These achievements merely testify to the fact that she is still just starting and her fame will surely only grow as time goes by.


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